400 NE 49TH ST

Gardening, or growing things, is a four-dimensional, collaborative medium. Arrangement, composition, design, color, and form, all occur somewhere on the arrow of time. A garden is a sculpture that can be experienced with one’s gastro-intestinal tract, among all other organs.

This project started January 1, 2014, with the planting of a tangerine tree. We (collaborators listed below) spent two years replacing grass with many varieties of tropical edible plants and trees. After moving out of the house the forest continued to grow and produce food. The photographs below document the initial dismantling and dispersion of plant species to other locations, primarily to THE OASIS, a decades old food forest a few miles to the south.

Initial dismantling of the food forest at 400 NE 49TH ST: Video (LEFT) depicts the process of remote photographic documentation. Direction by James Jackman, photographs (BELOW) by Jeannie Williamceau, September 12, 2016.

Documentation of 400 NE 49TH ST is ongoing.

(Collaborators: Alex Jackman, James Jackman, Kalin Allen, Giovanni Griffin, Concetta Pilato, Jeannie Williamceau, Chip Bentley, Aly Lewis, and Nicolas Daniels)

OCT 10 2018

UPDATE--- Ownership has been transferred to the church.